Tempelhof mural for Heimstaden

I painted 10 concrete pillars and two walls for an apartment building in Berlin Tempelhof for Heimstaden: total area approx. 300 m2.

Located on the Bayernring, close to the busy Tempelhofer Feld, the modern building adds to the area’s interesting clash of architectural styles, but its age had started to lend it a dreary feeling, particularly as the ground floor serves as a parking lot.

Using bright colors and humanistic figures, I wanted to create a cheerful vibe and elevate the mood of the space. Flower and bird motifs recenter nature, while lively colors lighten the shadowy space underneath the building. 

During the painting process, many residents came to thank me for transforming the formerly gloomy spot into something beautiful. I was offered drinks and gifts as well as praise it was a really enriching experience.

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