Street art gallery at Berlin Alexanderplatz

I was one of 10 artists selected by Street Art Berlin to paint the construction fence surrounding the site for a skyscraper at Alexanderplatz.

The theme for the project was reawakening or new beginnings, as a reaction to the bleak Corona winter of 2020 – the intention was to share a vision of hope with the people of Berlin.

At this time I was pregnant with my first child, so I drew inspiration from this experience for my artwork. I felt strongly that the process of becoming a mother, more than anything I’ve experienced, brings thoughts of new beginnings. 

My work consists of five pregnant female figures in harmony with nature. The figures are part human, part cloud, sun, flower. For me, this represents the importance of a symbiosis between humans and nature.

In society, we tend to feel that humans are isolated from nature, but this isn’t the case – we are all connected and the more we acknowledge this, the more hopeful we can feel about the future. The only way to preserve the balance in nature is through nurturing both ourselves and our surroundings.

Photo credits: Cathrin Bach

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